Liberty is a family who place a high value on the presence of God and on walking in covenant relationship with one another as we seek to extend the kingdom.


Tell me about your Sunday services


Every Sunday 10 am


God encounters for children


Opens 9:15 am & after service

What church group / organisation are you associated with

Liberty is a Baptist Church, under the Baptist Union of New Zealand.
We also have strong relationships across many denominational and movement lines, within New Zealand and overseas.

Some of our personal relationships

What ways can I konnect

Great question. We have several ways people konnect at Liberty, and we also have many different types of ministries you can be a part of.

Check out our Konnect Groups and also our various other ministries you can be involved with.

How can I get involved

We are all about empowering people to realise their dreams. Whatever your passion we are keen to help you outwork this within the vision of Liberty. 

Visit the info desk on Sundays or talk to a Liberty leader to find out what we're doing at Liberty and how you can be involved. 

We also encourage you to arrive at 9:30am on Sundays, have a coffee and connect with other members of our church family.